Key Features

KYP - Best way to know your pet

Best solution to “Know Your Pet” : KYP

Lookup your pet ID through accurate telebiometric solution

KYP is the first and the best telebiomeric solution for pet ID verification. No more worries with vulnerable choker and reluctant microchips. We can verify pet identity by simply using KYP solution powered by PIRECO. From the first adoption to registration, and also taking pet insurance, the KYP can be the best partner for happier pet life-cycle.

Key Features

World-best technology achieved from consistent R&D leads to innovative UX

PIRECO has the most precise insights in pet industry, which are stacked by numerous field experiences and it leads to the biggest database of pet biometrics - 5 million biometric data. With the KYP solution, try to provide advanced pet business.

The first approval of Global standardization from ITU-T

KYP is the only product that leading the global standard from ITU-T, which is the top global standardization institution from UN. PIRECO got approval on a new global standardization project in March 2020, to apply pet telebiometric solution in all around the world. Within the standardization process, PIRECO is selected as a committee member of korean standardization institution (TTA), and also selected as a korean delegate group of ITU.

Expand technological basis with original patent

Key technologies in KYP powered by PIRECO are secured by various original patent. Even more, the basis of technology is keep expanding with standardization of the solution. With the KYP solution, it is possible to enjoy strong competency on pet telebiometrics.

How it works

Pet telebiometrics within 5 seconds

Aiming to nose of the dog with mobile camera, automatically enables to capture unique nose patterns and recognize the pet identity within 5 seconds.

Real time analysis on capturing environment

To improve intuitiveness of capturing biometrics, we support real-time analysis on capturing environment for comfortable pet identification.
Guide for movements of the pets, out-focused camera, and unappropriate illumination will be followed.


Customized solution for who needs “pet-oriented data management”

Provide absolutely new UX in onboarding process to your customer with unique pet ID. We recommend KYP to someone who need pet-oriented data management to build customized services. With the unique onboarding process and pet-oriented data management, you can extract clear insights and advanced curation features and elevate a value of the service.
Basic DB schema of pet telebiometrics solution

Use Case

Pet Safe Adoption Platform : Peterpet Health


Product package optimized to customer needs

Detection module

Recognition module

Other module


KYP stands with opinion leaders of pet industry

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